Viral Map Shows Which States Hate Each Other…and Themselves

Which States Hate Each Other
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No California Love Here

January 20th, 2020 – Florida may be easy to pick on but, hey, at least now they can’t be accused of having terrible self-awareness. In a map that has now gone viral, we were given insight into how much hate each state has for their fellow Americans — through a totally comprehensive and scientific study. OK, maybe it was just a survey from one person’s Instagram account, but let’s dive in.

Matt Shirley, a California-based illustrator who has become popular for his clever charts, asked his $300,000k+ followers where they live and which state they like the least. He then color-coordinated the responses, and we all get to share in the disdain.

While the whole map is interesting and makes you wonder what’s exactly behind the hate — sports rivalry, stereotypes, that AirBnB host you met while traveling — a few sections really stand out. Florida, well, they hate themselves. Nine states chose to cross California off their bucket list; way to be neighborly, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada.

North Dakota Hates South Dakota, and in return South Dakota hates North Dakota. Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island all told Massachusetts to fahk off.

Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana are not fans of the Crimson Tide (Alabama, that is, for the non-SEC fans). And New Jersey just straight up hates everyone. Shirley gave the option for followers to select “Doesn’t Hate Anyone” and “Hates Everyone,” and the Garden State chose to be an equal-opportunity curmudgeon. Nobody chose the “Doesn’t Hate Anyone Option.”

NJ.com had a little fun with the map saying:

“Two thoughts here:
1. We should be awarded for our lack of inter-state discrimination. We hate everyone equally, and that’s just fine.
2. Have you heard how everyone else talks about us? People from New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware all said they hate Jersey the most. What’d we ever do to all of you beside be great at everything (minus the manners, traffic and property taxes).”

In the past, Shirley has surveyed his followers about the best and worst cities in each state, best Thanksgiving food in each state, and most common Halloween costume in each state. He also made a super helpful pie chart on “Why I’m Petting That Dog,” which seems just as important.

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A Halloween costume idea for every state.

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Let’s fight about it.

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What do you think of the hate state analysis? Where do you live and which state to you like the least?

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