Amy Schumer Gets Wookie Nookie in GQ Spread

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Amy Schumer Gets Wookie Nookie in GQ Star Wars Spread

July 20, 2015 – Amy Schumer may have gone to the “dark side” with her racy new Star Wars spread for GQ Magazine. The Emmy Award-nominated comedian is coming off a big weekend opening for her movie Trainwreck, but temperatures about her sexy sci-fi shoot are getting hotter than a summer afternoon on Tatooine (you’re welcome). The hard PG-13 pictorial shows Amy Schumer in a series of sexual scenarios including an implied threesome with C3PO and R2-D2 (pass the WD-40). Another shows the actress fellating a light saber.

While many fanboys are thrilled with any combination of boobs and Star Wars, there are others who feel that the shoot went too far, especially considering that the brand is largely associated with children – the spread is borderline NSFW and definitely not child appropriate.

Disney has since stated that the pictures are clearly a parody, they fall under fair use, leaving no real legal recourse available to the companies.

“It’s not surprising that GQ would want to capitalize on the cultural cachet of ‘Star Wars, but Lucasfilm and Disney did not authorize, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner.”

Luke Skywalker however felt pretty good about it all:


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