Bill Maher Slammed For Using Racial Slur During Ben Sasse Interview

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Real Time Outrage

June 3rd, 2017 – Comedian Bill Maher hosted Senator Ben Sasse on his show last night, and while the two discussed many issues, it was Maher’s racial slur that got viewers engaged with the conversation. Sasse, a republican from Nebraska, was on the program promoting his new book “The Vanishing American Adult,” and through the discussion of maturity, the topic of Halloween was brought up.

Maher began talking about how adults in California still dress up for Halloween, and Senator Sasse eased his worries by saying that offense doesn’t happen in Nebraska.

“I’ve got to get to Nebraska more,” Maher said. 

“You’re welcome. We’d love to have you work in the fields with us,” Sasse replied. 

“Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger,” Maher followed up. 

There were a few beats of uncomfortable tension from the audience, and then Maher explained “No, no it’s a joke.” Sasse sat with a cringed smile on his face as the crowd then erupted in applause.

In the studio, life and the conversation moved right along, but online the focus remained on Maher’s use of the word and Sasse’s lack of response.

The word wasn’t bleeped in its original airing nor in the midnight repeat of the Real Time episode. HBO did issue at statement Saturday morning saying Maher’s comments would be removed moving forward.

“Bill Maher’s comment last night was completely inexcusable and tasteless,” Quentin Schaffer, executive vice president for corporate communications at HBO, said in the statement. “We are removing his deeply offensive comment from any subsequent airings of the show.”

Maher, who is in his 15th season on the late-night show has been no stranger to controversy, being called out for comments he says on air and tweets online. His most recent joke scandal comes days after Kathy Griffin shared a photo of herself holding President Trump’s severed head.

Senator Sasse continued the conversation by saying comedians have leeway to cross the line, but also owned his lack of responsibility for not speaking out in the moment.

Do you think Bill Maher had the latitude to cross the “n-word” line? Was his comment Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.

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104 thoughts on “Bill Maher Slammed For Using Racial Slur During Ben Sasse Interview

  1. Bill has always been the type of man who walks the line. In such a positive and equal manner. I love him. I actually laughed. And I won’t apologize for it. Everyone knows one of two things 1. You have someone in your family/friends who uses the word on a regular in the same context, and you aren’t angry. Or 2. You yourself have used it, or currently uses it. I wasn’t offended at all. I was just like “Damn Bill, you know everyone isn’t going to get the joke!! Come on bruh! Lol!”

    1. Oh i know, but still, if u get called that or just some one says nigger or anything like that , they would catch a fade. But then again liberals are “so tolerant”

  2. So because he didnt say “nigga” or because he said it wrong,
    I constantly hear young people saying this to eachother daily, of all color skin.
    Politically correct bs!
    Where is freedom of speech anymore?
    It is a cable channel & anyone can change the channel if they dont like it.

  3. Bunch of white people who constantly call people racist who never use the word defending the use of said horrible oppressive word because it comes from a fellow liberal. The hypocrisy is strong with you idiots.

  4. I’m just curious about how many fuck heads who screamed that Stephen Colbert should be fired are now defending Bill Maher, saying anyone offened is a “liberal pussy who needs to get over it”.

    1. Shut up. He works for HBO. That’s why he can get away with it. If he worked for CNN he wouldn’t have a job. Now start using your brain and quit with your partisan bullshit.

    2. Oh please, all I see are republicans crying and whining about EVERYTHING unimportant, but when it comes to potus tearing apart this country bit by bit, liberals are the snowflakes. At least when liberals get mad, it’s over something important like healthcare, environment, etc. When reblpublicans get mad it’s over an offensive word or picture by some D list ‘comedian’.

    3. Funny, all i see & hear about from liberals is “that offends me. You’re racist. You’re a bigot”
      I’m a Libertarian…Not Republican. I want Freedom…the rest of you people want to take it away

    4. I’m sorry, is it liberals trying to take rights away from LBGTQ? No. Is it liberals trying to take healthcare away from millions? No. Is it liberals trying to block people from entering the country? UMMMM, NO. What freedoms are we trying to take away?

    5. 1st Amendment 2nd Amendment 3rd Amendment…should I go on. If it offends some cry baby, then it should be banned. I should not hafto pay for other peoples healthcare . And ehat rights from gay people are being taken away? As for letting any ol’ yahoo into the country, all countries (mostly Europe) are having terrorist attacks where those strong on vetting & such…not so much

  5. Again it’s called comedy. He’s a political comedian. And that’s a comedians job is to poke fun at things that make the rest of the world walk on eggshells. This whole “I’m offended at everything” type of person would get destroyed and I mean destroyed by some of the old school comedians like Carlin, and Pryor, and Kinison.

    1. Rodney it could just be me then. My sense of humor is what it is. I just believe that there are certain things that people do take way to seriously. Now can even a comedian take things to far? Yep. And are there things that comedians say that others take the wrong way? Yep.
      But that’s just me.

    2. I agree with you Toby. I’m not easily offended at all. All I’m saying is every little petty thing that liberals get their hands on, it’s attack attack attack. So I say let’s beat them at their own game. When they say something that they would destroy us over, let’s return the favor.

    1. I’m not a leftist. I just wanted to mock them for a second.. I knew they wouldn’t condemn one of their own. Had it been someone on the right it would be front page news for weeks.

  6. Omfg this butthurt shit is fucking annoying! Everything is a racial slur and everything is so offensive! ok mother fuckas please move somewhere else if you are offended ova everything! Don’t visit my Facebook cause your retarded asses will flap your gums being I ain’t politically correct and will never give a shit about what you think either! Lol sad society it’s why I isolate from it as much as possible I just can’t it’s so funny how people are with no balls to suck it up

    1. By this display of your level of intellect as you rant….No I’m sure it’s inbreeding that keeps you isolated….and society appreciates it!

    2. Move if everything offends you David Caister for real cause what someone else is doing with their lives don’t fucking concern you cause they ain’t feeding you fucking you or financing you! I isolate cause Im not going to be told I can’t be an individual and I will never follow the crowd as you assholes think you should! You should try being yourself sometime and not what everyone wants you to be!

    1. Kathy Griffin is str8 up bulshit by people who have NO intelligence or humor I mean really? Obviously these fucktarded people have never seen 8 heads in a duffle bag or blazing saddles cause it is just to offensive to them ?????? get some tampons for the bloody pussies and clean them up people we left fucking kindergarten long ago!

    2. Snowflakin’ Righties… Aaaawe.. Life’s not fair… Awe….. How hypocritical right wing doctrine preaches that life doesn’t give things away and no free rides. YET, cry about collusion of the VAST MAJORITY of the human race and its media. The Right is fading and these are it’s death-throws.

  7. Ladies and gentlemen! Children and adults of all ages! Let me introduce you to the “channel +/- button!”

    This fantastic piece of technology allows you to instantly change what is on your tv device!

    Yes! Now you too can turn something offensive into a cat video if you so choose!

    Just push that button and ::POOF!::
    Now you’re watching something else.

    If you don’t like Bill Maher don’t watch. But calls to have people fired and shows canceled are ridiculous.

    Let the ratings speak.


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