Kathy Griffin Holds President Trump’s Severed Head In Controversial Photo

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“Mocking the Mocker-in-Chief”

Update: Kathy Griffin released an apology video after sweeping condemnation of the photo. She has asked the photographer to take the photo down and has added in part “I sincerely apologize. I’m just now seeing the reaction of these images. I’m a comic. I cross the line. I move the line. And then I cross it. I went way too far…It wasn’t funny. I get it. I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I was wrong.”

May 30th, 2017 – Kathy Griffin made shock waves after releasing video of her recent photoshoot with Tyler Shields where the controversial comic is seen holding the severed head of President Trump. The bloody image turned some heads, made some people scratch their heads and found others demanding that heads roll.

TMZ obtained photos and behind the scenes footage of the shoot. They noted that Shields, a photographer known for his gory imagery, was comically warned by Griffin that the duo may have to head south of the border after his latests snaps were published.

“Kathy joked that she and Tyler would need to move to Mexico once the pics got released, for fear they’d be thrown in prison.”

Knowing the reaction would be fierce, Shields attempted to get ahead of the outrage by saying the imagery is intentionally uncomfortable to serve the purpose of art and that Griffin had wanted to make a bold political statement.

“That’s what art is meant to do,” he told Fox News. “Some people look at it and they love it. Some people look at it and they hate it… I understand there are going to be people that hate this. It’s a very touchy subject… but this is not real. We didn’t kill anybody nor do I feel anybody should be killed. It’s no different from a movie. It just happens to be a still image.”

Kathy Griffin Holds President Trump's Severed Head In Controversial Photo
Behind the scenes video from Tyler Shields via YouTube.
Kathy Griffin Holds President Trump's Severed Head In Controversial Photo
Behind the scenes video from Tyler Shields via YouTube.

Griffin herself attempted to preemptively get ahead of the controversy. Taking to Twitter, she said she’s titling the piece after Trump’s own controversial joke about former Fox News host Megyn Kelly – as then-candidate Trump said Kelly had “blood coming out of her wherever” after he didn’t like her debate questions.

New York Magazine writer Yashar Ali also spoke with Griffin, who again fell back on the artistic expression defense.

Griffin and Shields aren’t the only ones getting their opinions out in the open. Everyone from Don Jr. and Keith Olbermann to most likely your friends and your relatives were commenting. And while some drew from “remember whens” and referenced many instances of Obama noose imagery and recent White House visitor Ted Nugent’s request for Obama to “suck on my machine gun,” a great deal of people from both sides of the political spectrum seem to be condemning the photo.

Let us hear from you. Was Kathy Griffin’s photoshoot with a beheaded President Trump an artistic expression or one frame too far? Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below.

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457 thoughts on “Kathy Griffin Holds President Trump’s Severed Head In Controversial Photo

  1. How many posts are you going to make about this, and you do realize everyone else beat you to this days ago? This is tired news now. I guess I should be glad you’re at least finally posting things that could actually be construed as either funny or offensive.

  2. President Obama was the best POTUS since IKE. know some history….he unfucked many things….yeah, some things were fucked, but nothing compared to decades of bad policy by predecessors

  3. I’m not a tight ass. If I laughed uncontrollably when I saw it, I would consider it comedy. All it was was a statement of political vantage point, with useless shenanigans. Stupid, really.

    1. Make a name for herself? Do you really not know who she is? She may be getting a bit washed up but she’s been famous for years.

    1. The truth really…this hatred for our presidents have always existed..no collective group has ever been happy with whoever the president is!

  4. No. This motherfucker is free game. POTUS or not.
    Especially this Mook. If he could just learn to laugh at himself or allow society to poke fun at him society would probably eventually lighten up on him.
    But we all know this will never happen. Dude is too light skinned.

  5. It’s bullshit because of the double standard! If someone would have done this with Obama BLM would be violently protesting Jessie Jackson would show up it would be insanity all over and the person would be hated forever for being a racist scum of the earth but with Trump it’s not a big deal hell the SAG or some shit will probably give the dumb bitch an award for it so that’s what pisses me off it’s like shows with people like that annoying bitch Samantha Bee where she does nothing but trash the hell out of anyone or anything with conservative views and no problem it’s acceptable good tv but a real entertaining person and show like Tim Allen on Last Man Standing gets canceled because it at times suggests conservative views there are so many more examples of shit like this that are just mind boggling

  6. Well, a lot of kids are probably disappointed to starve to death, lose insurance, and have failing education, but you know.. At least they know who Jesus is and that dinosaurs didn’t exist. Thank God. Like people were so concerned about how disrespectful it was to call Obama a terrorist and to depict him hanging from trees, and let a not forget the backlash of racial slurs used against his family and kids. Shut the fuck up.

  7. although it is ABSOLUTELY a shame that Barron was shocked and hurt by this……… just how is it any different than the THOUSANDS of different images put out of President Obama in various stages of being lynched or dragged behind trucks or tanks…………..???????

  8. For those saying “If they did that to Obama….” YEAH, they did. So cut the bullshit and hypocrisy. They drew him and his family as apes, lynched black puppets, asked for his birth certificate, took aim at his daughters, called Michelle a gorilla and questioned if she was really a man. So before you scream about “Libtards” and “Snowflakes” try looking back to the bs we had to deal with for 8 years of people making fun of Obama. The difference is, he handled himself with dignity and class, he didn’t let the asshats get to him.

  9. Just note the hypocrisy of the liberals stomping on freedom of speech while doing and saying whatever they want. I personally don’t care about the whole thing. People have the right to speak their minds and express themselves however they choose you just need to choose. Either you believe in freedom of speech or you don’t. You can’t complain about being offended while being offensive.

  10. Whether she apologized for it or not, is not the issue for me. IT EXISTS. Human thought and the process of Creation found it a worthy expression of disgust, disappointment, rage, anger ….. and … she has supporters. it’s a very powerful image … that’s the only way it could get so much attention …

  11. It’s truly an offense to our constitution that she was forced to apologize for expressing her views.
    I thought this was America.
    Fkn sensitive-ass conservatives forget how they were lynching and burning effigies of Obama, right? #ConservativesAreTheTrueSnowflakes

  12. i think it’s cool that we’re all mature enough here to pretend it wasn’t kathy griffins face we’re all offended by, this poxy lizard lookin yoke has come up on my page like 4 times today
    to be fair she totes grabbed that publicity by the pussy

  13. It’s Kathy Griffin, who cares. Imagine the outrage if it were a Fox news member with an obama head instead of a CNN nobody with a Trump head though. The snowflakes would be screaming and crying for them to be fired and imprisoned.

  14. I’d be fine with it she said some shit about Obama invading 8(?) more countries so trillions more of or tax dollar could be put into the pockets of big oil and the military industrial complex…. but I guess that kind of stuff is only “wrong” when republicans do it.


  16. I honestly just find it absolutely pathetic that people are more enraged over this than they are at the fact that 20 million Americans are about to booted off of healthcare, disabled people’s housing is about to get a lot more expensive, and poor Americans are about be even hungrier due to foodstamps being slashed. (contrary to popular belief, it’# not just “libtards”, but a huge chunk of republicans, too, here’s looking at you, Bible Belt).

  17. I think it is simply… nothing. She did it to get a rise. To get a headline. She knew people would react and she knew she would “apologise” the next day, giving her yet another headline. When are people going to stop entertaining these so called celebrities and their desperation. They are supposed to entertain you. Its literally their job to do so.

  18. Honestly who cares? It’s meaningless bullshit just like every fucking thing liberals have done since the election.
    These violent racist fascists can cry foul all they want. Truth is feels over reals only works in fantasy. Get fucked crybabies

  19. She should be arrested. Along with most of Hollywood for trying to incite violence and political unrest. Trying to brainwash Americans into murdering the president is conspiracy to commit murder. And treason.

  20. Idk who she is… If she’s famous or not… even if she is… that gives her no right to do that. If anything she deserves to goto prison for life or sentenced to death row… as an example. Let it be an example to those who want our wonderful president dead. That nobody, and I mean NOBODY, will get away with death threats towards our president.

    1. Our “WONDERFUL” President??? Hahhahahhaja…What has that piece of shit done that is so WONDERFUL? Please elaborate. I need a laugh.

    1. My apologies.i should have worded my comment better. Not by death. By the power of a democratic society. But this seems impossible

  21. I honestly wish that these people would try the whole military coup thing and get it over with.

    Conflict is somewhat inevitable at this point, history tells us this. It’s time to start removing strategic armaments from the west coast and leave them for the wolves.

  22. Thought it was hilarious, let’s face it celebrities can say what they want them say ” I’m sorry ” the next day… It’s called staying Relevant when your career is all but over….

    1. Ashley Evans Miller
      or maybe because conservatives were hanging and burning Obama-looking dolls for the last 8 years? And I’m not even a fan of Obama, I actually really dislike the guy.

    2. Ashley Evans Miller oh you poor hilly billy… it’s because YOU don’t have rebuttals is that obama is pulled into convo… you really have nothing else to defend your choice for president but call on the guy who is out of office did you realize that?

    3. But wait… I am not a Republican or a hillbilly. I don’t think it is morally right for anyone to do. But for Democrats to claim they are better people and then pull this sort of depravity makes me sick.
      Morons on both sides. If we don’t find ways to behave as adults rather than pointing fingers and saying someone did it first, I really fear for our future. It is more damaging than what any president can do.
      We the people have the responsibility to do better and lead by example.
      No one will win the way adults are now carrying on.

    4. So many assumptions based on a simple statement. How quickly we are to label people who don’t agree. Small minds on both sides following the herd. Do you people really think America can be fairly governed with just two different and very extreme view points?

    5. Ashley Evans Miller Dont be a hypocrite!! You assumed that I’m a democrat didn’t you? Well I’m not! You assumed that I don’t want Obama in the convo because I support everything he did? Well I don’t! I’m just sick and tired of people not facing NOW and today’s issues but are hanging to obama like he is still in the office and like he effects anything right now!! I don’t want every single transgression excused by one of the previous transgressors!! When does it stop if we just gonna repeat stupid sh..!? I’m NOT A DEMOCRAT AND IM NOT A REPUBLICAN. I’m waiting for that third party that’s gonna take American people seriously and stop playing games with us. I rather not be affiliated for the rest of my life then support something just out of spite!

    6. Ashley Evans Miller you know… I like you!! We did misunderstand each other and assumed too much but didn’t hang on to anger but straighten it out. How many like minded people get in arguments because of misunderstanding and assumption? This country needs more people like you who are willing to listen. You are perfect “independent” voter

    7. Sanela Omerhodžić Bajraktarević oh how original because someone is a republican/conservative they’re a hillbilly get a clue!

    8. Matt Tracht and tell me you don’t think that shit is not hitting fan about this?? For Gods sake !! I can’t open my internet without her face staring at me and that bloody abomination in her hand! I’m sick of people bringing obama into everything possible like he matters at all. Like him or hate him I really don’t give a fig. He was butt of the joke for 8 years and now it’s over get over it. If you can defend your president without pulling other transgressors into the mix, be my guests.
      And to Ashley I apologize… she didn’t deserve that.

  23. Whether it was in poor taste or not is for each individual to interpret for themselves, but I don’t think it’s ever a good thing to apologize for expressing oneself under any circumstances, regardless who’s offended by it.

  24. She didn’t not go too far!!!
    She said the truth… she’s a comedianne, I bet people laughed!!!!
    Imus made a joke, got fired and then rehired.
    If you’re in comedy you make jokes about anything and EVERYTHING!!
    If you’re mad, then sorry….. go get a fucking life

    1. She didn’t tell the truth. What she did do is illegal. She threatened our President. By doing this she also encouraged her following that it would be ok to kill our President.

    2. Yeah, holding a bloody disembodied head prop of a human being, much less the President of the United States, is just hilarious. And people who don’t like that “need to get a life”. Yeah. Oh and threatening the life of the President is just comedic gold.

    1. As I said, all publicity/good publicity. I, and I’m sure you as well, just about forgot about her. With all the Trump bs going on currently, what better way to get attention? Now people will be bringing her up for some time. And in all honesty, death threats will only increase attention.

  25. I don’t believe she’s sincere she meant to do that and now that everybody’s chewing at her ankle she’s upset cuz she’s losing popularity she’s still a piece of shit

    1. It was offensive and racist when people posted drawings of Obama hanging from a tree. And If this is offensive, good. People should be offended more often.

    2. Cham Ferguson no what people need to do is work together more often. Everything offends everyone all the time it’s sad that people think everything should make them happy.

    1. Get a new fucking line! I’m so tired of hearing the word snowflake! Have a little creativity! Nothing but narrow- minded retards! Are you going to do some more third grade name calling? Wow! Hahaha ?

    2. I think it’s hilarious when a Libtard tries to take our insults. You’re a fucking snowflake because you believe you’re so special and unique. Enjoy your participation trophies.

    3. Ryan Mewhinney, remember – no matter what you say or do, you’ll still be the idiot in the room.

      No one will respect you. No one will take you seriously. No one will listen to you when you cry out about your supposed grievances.

    4. I’m not even a liberal, but I just want you to know, when you use words like “libtard” you lose all intellectual credibiliy, every single last shred of it.

    5. Meanwhile you don’t mind calling Liberals retarded – hence, libtard. I’d rather be out of bounds then a walking contradiction. Why is stupidity so in style these days?!

    6. I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen any conservatives rioting in the streets, needing a safe space, or standing in the road like morons. I believe your precious Obama and Hillary both stated that President Trump should accept the results of the election. I guess that doesn’t apply to you butt hurt libs. Get out of mommy’s basement and get a life!

    7. Man….seriously, do you righties share a brain. You all use the same insults over and over. Get new ones. Libtard, snowflake, drink the kool-aid, safe place…its all the same. YAWN!!!!

  26. I mean it is just hypocritical. If any conservative did something like that it would be as though all hell broke loose. A liberal does it to the president of all people and? oh my bad i’m sorry everyone? Tj Smith Lucas Garofalo treason?

    1. That is such an insignificant difference it’s almost laughable. To suggest that what she did is any worse merely because of her job is asinine.

    2. It is worse because of the influence she has. None of the nameless people who burnt Obama effigies worked for Fox news.

    3. Those people and those stories still got traction and still attracted people to their cause. You’d have an argument if it was swept under the rug.

    4. Agreed John, it’s distasteful no matter what side you’re on.
      Burning Obama’s picture was equally tacky so lets not stoop

    5. See? That is those religious folk though. This is someone who has public say and basically did a photoshoot. Does that mean this is okay? not at all. They are both fucked up

    6. But it was racist because Obama was black… But doing it to trump is okay. People are assholes get the fuck over it. Y’all live in a damn fantasy world where everybody is supposed to be all nice and sweet. Fire the stupid bitch

    7. Actually Josh Lamana it’s not an insignificant difference. Someone in the media..even D List had fans. A lot tend to be crazy. Unfortunately celebs no matter if they are A or D have influence on their fans. They can persuade them to do good things or bad things. Whereas someone not in the media as absolutely ZERO influence except maybe their family or friends. But not the insane kind. She just told her fans by doing this that it is ok to threaten the President. Which it isn’t! It’s illegal!!!

    8. There is one key difference between Trump and Obama. Trump hate is self inflicted. Obamas hate was because of the color of his skin.

    9. GaryTokar…what about the influentail senators who prayed for Obama’s death and to his family as a public convention in Georgia? Does that draw the line? John KiraHastie…they absolutely hated him because he was black. I know MANY ppl who have said that including my own family. Get off your high horse. Basically it boils down to class, and ppl who do this have none. No matter what side. I hate Trump, but Kathy Griffin is insignificant and this is her way of staying relevant. Hell, it worked for Stephen Colbert.

    10. If you honestly believe everyone hated Obama because he was black and not because he was a shitty president you need to start reading and doing some research. Tj Lucas

    11. JohnKiraHastie…I can name at least 30 people who hated him because he is black, including my own family members. The only fuqqing delusional person here is you. I watch public policy making daily and you are a moron. Many of us do research and actually know the difference between a real President and a wanna be like Dolt 45.

    12. You ran out of points so you went to my profile and figured out I am in highshool? Congratulations, now how about we adress how a highschool kid is making you look dumb as a motherfucker? Not to mention trying to discriminate against me based on age is soemthing I thought you liberals don’t like to do ??? Also why don’t you deny using those sources as your main focus point for information?

    13. Idk why this is even an argument. What she did was wrong, what those racists did was wrong. Just leave it at that. Making each other’s blood boil is not going to change anything. Everyone has their own bias, their own opinions, and I highly doubt anyone is going to be persuaded here. Many of these comments are off topic, so before we stray any further, just stop.

    1. You really want mike pence as president? The guy who thinks you can electrocute the gay out of people? Next time shut the fuck up and think before you talk out of your ass.

    2. hey all i’m saying is trumps severed head would be a pleasing site. Also nothing would really change under pence. Same asshat administration. At least trump would be dead, that would be some small justice.

    3. Shane Dubose Trump could say he wants to ban guns and retards like Joseph would run to defend the second amendment because they MUST be anti Trump or else they’re nazis

    1. Like when people were butthurt that people were lynching Obama dolls? That didn’t actually physically harm anyone, so it can be argued as harmless.

  27. I’m not a member of the Left, but even I think it’s stupid how up in arms people are. One retard said she was no better than ISIS. I wasn’t aware that was literally Trumps head…

    Needless to say, many people are morons.

    1. That’s funny. You suggest that I’m a moron but don’t have anything to back it up. Get your ignorance out of my thread, you stupid fuck.

    2. Let me guess, you think she’s just the worst and is such a mean lady and should be fired. Freedom of speech, dumbass.

    1. We’re all hypocrites. The difference is some people actively try to not be hypocrites. We’d have a lot more understanding in this world if people analyzed their actions and behaved how they expected others to behave.

    2. People love false equivalencies. Some nameless people burning an effigy doesn’t have the same impact as a CNN host doing it. People got fired for way less when they mocked Obama. Save the virtue signaling for someone else.

    3. I don’t remember seeing any of this going on either but if I did I’d be just as against it as I am it happening now to Trump regardless of your views this isn’t anywhere close to an acceptable way to make them known period!

  28. Its really more pathetic than “Offensive”.

    The American left has been calling for political assassination or a military coup ever since they lost their last election, basically wanting to turn into every country they bitch about sending their troops to.

    1. Definitely been heading that way.
      I wonder if people another 20 years from now will read about all of this, and what they will think about it all.

    1. As a swing voter leaning to the right, I agree. She shouldn’t have had to apologize. To be fair though, I love dark humor and I can’t stand SJW’s, so perhaps that has some effect.

    2. What’s the difference between donald trump and muslims..
      They both treat there women like shit and try to fuck there daughter ..ba boom ..here every wednesday ..thank you ..

  29. Yea that was a bit much…
    Apology???? What’s that about?
    Oh my bad I did not know this was distasteful and crossed so many lines? Shit… first you have to have a fair amount of hate, and disrespect, then draft an idea, put forth the idea, and then have a photo shoot, and then post it….
    there is no genuine apology… it’s just hollow words from a pathetic POS…

    1. To educate you Marisol, the Secret Service paid a visit to the guy who hung a dummy depicting 44. He was told his actions could be considered a threat, and that he will be put on a list and watched. Let’s not forget about the rodeo clown who wore a Obama mask, he was fired for that. Now I ask, is the secret service talking to that washed up lot head rapper Snoop? Or how about the old whore Madonna who said she’s thought about blowing up the White House? Yes, Kathy Griffin is the Lefts poster child for tolerance.

    2. Marty, I really don’t care if that’s true or not. I’m talking about everyone crying over this. You upset about it, but where you upset about the Obama part? I bet not. You seem to be the most offended over anyone saying anything bad about your pathetic king dump lol proved my point. Thanks.

    3. Yes, the Obama thing was bad. This is what you lefties do tho is detract from the fact this is now. Trying to take away from what’s happening now by asking about the past. I bet you were crying over offensive Obama things.

    1. She is a contributor on CNN I think. And she has far more influence than the nameless people burning Obama effigies. Show me someone of her stature doing this when Obama was in. If you can’t I suggest you stopping with the false equivalencies.

    2. Exactly, and the left went bat shit crazy. Just like the right did, when people did it with Bush. FFS the left got a rodeo clown fired for using an Obama mask.

    3. Yes every president has had this happen to them but not by huge d list celebrities oh my gawd I’m so outraged lol… moving right along

    4. Sherri Dunlap yes, and it was wrong and likely had investigations done on them.
      That isn’t a green light to keep doing this stuff.

    1. Some people will applause anything…. so what’s your point…
      The thing is it is wrong, maybe not legally… but morally wrong.
      And I would be outraged if it were Hillary, Barrack, his kids, wife.. etc….
      we may not agree on everything …. but we shouldn’t lower ourselves to the point of amoral behavior… I don’t play partisan politics… and I certainly don’t cheer for shit like this on any level on any citizen… where is our humanity?

    1. She knew what she was doing. It’s done and no matter how much she apologies it will not change anything. And I didn’t say he was dead YOU DID. she brought a visual to the families who’s loved ones were beheaded. She can’t apologize for that. She did that because no one has had her in the news for a long time. Bye Felicia!

    2. I think you’re completely blowing this out of proportion. She did literally nothing but take a picture of herself with the head of a makeshift Trump. How is that different than holding a mask of another celebrity?

    3. Because that’s how you win an argument like an adult. By saying shut the fuck up. Glad that’s resolved. Guess that means you won..just kidding. You didn’t. There is an issue. But your batshit crazy mind has blown it to the proportion as though she actually cut off his fucking head

    4. All I said was it’s too late for apologies. How is that blowing something out of proportion? I can tell you just want to argue. Again…… stfu little girl.

    5. Implying that is too late to apologise makes it appear as though she’s committed some awful crime against this country and she should tell it to the judge. And yeah I hear that a lot. Not a girl though. Actually have a dick.

    6. I believe you’re old enough to realize that going around telling people on the internet to shut the fuck up just because they have a different opinion is pretty immature and wrong. I’d tell you to act your age but you’d probably collapse from heart failure.

    7. If she had the guts to post the picture then why apologize? I bet if someone posted a picture like that with your head in their hand you wouldn’t be saying anything you are saying right now. Say what you want. It’s people like you that who turn a blind eye to the tings going on around us, people like you who think they can start an argument over social media with a stranger over a comment. Your kind is the real problem.

    8. Look her little girl, you commented on my comment. So stfu. You probably don’t even understand. But keep showing your ignorance alright?

    9. Actually, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. It’s a thing called free speech. Also, you can do things in the moment and regret it later. This was one of those times. She regretted what she did so she apologized. And no, I’m not turning a blind eye to anything. I’m addressing the fucking problem in case you didn’t notice or do you have cataracts and can’t see your screen? And I didn’t start the argument. You literally did. I gave a retort to your comment and you told me to shut the fuck up. If anything it’s “your kind” that’s the issue. How often do you complain about millennials”ruining” shit? You’re the type of lady to get shitty at the grocery store because your lazy ass didn’t get there in time for the sale.

    10. Hahahahaha you’re funny. It wasn’t an “in the moment” situation. Do you even know what you’re talking about. Report me all you want. Just leave me the fuck alone. Wtf is wrong with you? Stfu!!! Again stfu!!! I bet you give you parents all kind of problems don’t you. And if you are addressing the “problem” explain what “problem” wait better yet forget I asked. My cataracts are messing with me. Lol I can’t with you. Hahahaha

    11. Who the fuck said I was reporting you? I swear you’re senile too. Holy shit. Yes I know what I’m talking about, do you? Because clearly you can’t think outside of your small ass box. What’s wrong with me? I brought up a valid point and you literally keep telling me to shut the fuck up. And no, not really. I stay out of my parent’s ways. I know you didn’t give your parent’s problems cause if you did you’d get the shit beat out of you. Shout out to the early 1900s when that was a cool thing to do. I addressed the problem. Numerous times. But you’re not giving me any retorts to my statement but telling me to shut the fuck up and how “my kind” is ruining everything

    12. Because you are bashing me for my fucking opinion! Look here kid….. did you go off on every other person that commented similar comments like mine. I bet your a bully! I will probably see your face on the news one day for some stupid shit like this bitch did. I don’t give a tiny rats ass what you think of my comment. So there ya go. You look like an ass. And I bet your parents stay out of your way because they know you would do some stupid shit like Kathy did. Get a life. Get your summer school homework done and go to bed.

    13. “In the moment” doesn’t include a professional photographer, a studio, and two “verified” twitter accounts. She only apologized when the secret service showed up. Who is this person, Wanda Wright? Why is your post such a trigger? Beheading “jokes” aren’t funny, period. They’re going to report YOU for YOUR opinion, but a decapitated effigy of our President is totally ok? It’s not ok for any president, ever. Get some respect, folks.

    14. You’re telling me about summer school? I think you need it the most out of us because you clearly don’t understand grammar. Yep, definitely a bully. That’s why I’m the one yelling at a kid to shut the fuck up-oh wait, that’s you. How do I look like an ass? You’re screaming at a “kid” to shut the fuck up for having a different opinion. I’m bashing you for your opinion because YOU LITERALLY TOLD ME TO SHUT THE FUCK UP AFTER I REPLIED TO YOUR COMMENT

    15. Vicki this kid thinks he knows it all. And really probably don’t really know the History behind all the sick crazy shit Kathy has done and said over the years. That was more than a joke or an “in the moment” decision.

    16. I literally said you’re blowing it out of proportion and you told me to shut the fuck up. And I’m the bully? Also, at least I know the difference between your and you’re. So I’m not sure why I need summer school. I’m passing my classes.

    17. Kalen Locker, you’ve got some major issues. If those 5 words on my comment made you feel some type of way. And I will tell you a million more times to stfu. You can’t expect to start off a reply to my comment like that and then think it would be alright. Come on now!!!!

    18. Vicki Couch Wanda Wright “kids” like this one gets me going but I see the two of you handled his little “millennial mind”. Lol
      It’s NEVER ok the joke about a decapitation….NEVER!!!!! No, her apology is weak and useless at this point!!! Just like Rosie O’Donnell’s was about Barron Trump. I have never in my life seen so many spoiled people crying over who won the presidency in all my life.
      Now, Calen wanted to point out how quick Wanda was to yell at a kid but just like the spoiled millennial that he is, he didn’t see that it was wrong for him to pick an argument with an someone much older, someone who’s been around a lot longer, someone who has had many more life experiences, an adult!!!! And yes we have free speech but that does not mean you can start an argument with just anyone because you didn’t get your way or didn’t like the comment they made about another spoiled ass celebrity decapitating our, YOUR PRESIDENT!!!! You don’t have to like him, (Pres. Trump), but you should know to respect the position he holds. As we have had to do for Obama.
      Now let’s suppose it was a decapitation picture of someone YOU KNOW and loved. Would an apology be ok then??? How about the families who have literally lost family members in this very same way??? This is awful to see and to even think about. You have to be a sick twisted ass to even think about stuff like that!!!!
      My rant is done!!!!!

    1. Do time for what? Freedom of expression. It’s not like she threatened to do it for real. Don’t be a libtard censorist.
      That being said, she is stupid enough to do something like this.

    2. Freedom of speech sure but implying youd cut our POTUD head off or think its funny is not okay. And people in other countries are laughing at thr US and hoe their complete disrepect for our POTUS is in the media all the timr. Othrr countries love our President and shake their heads at all the cry babies on TV. Dont believe me, go ask. I speak to people in other countries every single day. They are saddesnd how bad the left is being. Complete disrepect

  30. <