Boris Johnson’s Brexit Speech Enters Pornhub

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Another Big Johnson On Pornhub

June 29th, 2016 – When most politicians’ sex tapes get leaked they aren’t usually seen wearing a suit, and the word “pound” doesn’t often refer to currency.

Former London Mayer, Boris Johnson, is now on Pornhub in a video titled “DUMB BRITISH BLONDE FU**S 15 MILLION PEOPLE AT ONCE.” A voter, who seems to have marked “remain” last Thursday on the referendum on whether the UK should remain or leave the European Union, uploaded the video to the porn site. The content of the video is revealing but only as it relates to the mind and opinions of Leave campaigner Johnson.

The footage is simply Johnson speaking at the Vote Leave’s victory conference last Friday. As of today, the video has over 39,000 views and over 1,300 viewers have given it a big ol’ thumbs up.

Screenshot of Boris Johnson video on Pornhub.

This addition to Pornhub provides a break in the more sobering coverage of the repercussions of the leave victory. While many support the decision and downplay the gloom and doom stories, the concerns of economic recession, the breakup of the EU, the decline of the pound’s value and uncertainty for migrants fill much content for news stories.

However, the MP conservative himself says that the the negative consequences are being “wildly overdone. He insists that the positives are being ignored and assures everyone that the stock market is rising and that Britain will always be a part of Europe.

“There is every cause for optimism; a Britain rebooted, reset, renewed and able to engage with the whole world. This was a seismic campaign whose lessons must be learnt by politicians at home and abroad,” Johnson wrote on The Telegraph

Boris Johnson/Getty Image

No word from Johnson or Pornhub on how long the video will remain on the site. His seismic campaign victory speech is up against, umm, a lot of other seismic movement.

NY Daily News reports that “Pornhub has previously removed videos from users attempting to pass off clips as pornography, such as clips of the German soccer team “f—ing” their Brazilian rivals in a 7-1 World Cup semifinal drubbing.”

Well, if you’re 18-years-old or over, what did you think of the new Pornhub video? Was Boris Johnson’s speech uploaded as “Dumb British Blonde Fu**s 15 Million People At Once” Funny or Offensive? Vote and comment below! 

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