NYC Subway Ad Offers Rudy Giuliani’s Law Services: Will Work For Free

NYC Subway Ad Giuliani

October 3rd, 2019 – Rudy Giuliani may have his hands full with Donald Trump’s self-inflicted legal wounds, but a fake New York City subway ad is looking to get him some more clients. The ad, first reported by the New York Daily News, shows a shocked Giuliani offering his legal services for free while reminding people that he can also work while drunk.

The satirical ad popped up this week as the impeachment inquiry into the president intensifies. With the additional scrutiny came Giuliani rambling on all of cable news — a feature highlighted on the ad.

On top of media blitzes, calling “Crazy Rudy” will supposedly get you “back channel deals” and a lawyer that has absolutely “NO SHAME.”


The faux ad has both a website and a phone number commuters that can access. If you hit up the site, you’ll find more details on all of Giuliani’s services.

Under “Cable News Appearances ” it reads:

“I will appear on all cable news networks on behalf of my clients. I promise that each appearance will be three things: unhinged, combative and fun.”

To clarify on his rate, it says:

“In an effort to shield money from my wife during our divorce, I’m willing to work for FREE! I only ask that you pick up the bar tab at the end of our session. Email to set up a FREE happy hour consultation!”

By clicking on the “free consultation” tab, you’re taken to an Instagram page for T.G.L. The group has five posts, all tracking information and pranks pulled on the Trump administration.

If you’re in serious need of an attorney, and have taken the ad super seriously, you can also call the number advertised. Unfortunately, all calls from individuals and news outlets have shockingly only been met with a voicemail greeting.

“You’ve called the law offices of Crazy Rudy! We specialize in back channel deals, cable news appearances and will work when drunk,” the voicemail says in a wild voice.

Giuliani hasn’t released any statements about the NYC subway ad, but he has unleashed plenty of tweets defending his role in President Trump asking the Ukrainian government to interfere in the 2020 election by investigating Trump’s likely political rival, Joe Biden.

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