Seth Meyers On James Comey’s Testimony

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Comey Comedy

June 9th, 2017 – Comey Day, which found former FBI Director James Comey calling President Trump a liar during sworn testimony, made bars open early, made pundits stick to talking points, and made late night comedy hosts tweet a lot of jokes.

Seth Meyers sent out a slew of jokes from the Late Night With Seth Meyers Twitter account.

Seth Meyers On James Comey's Testimony

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43 thoughts on “Seth Meyers On James Comey’s Testimony

  1. In comedy nothing should be made off limits.
    I personally wish the media would leave the kids out of it though. If people in a position such as his made these joke about obama’s kids they’d be run out of town. In either case, the children don’t grasp what’s going on and they will get backlash in real life for it.
    Somebody got a laugh though, so whatever. Freedom of speech.

    1. I mean the guy makes himself a joke that’s why he’s all over famous app like iFunny. He just makes himself laughable and people take advantage of it like some of the stuff Hillary did

    2. OK I see your point but look at it like this, if you’re presented a clown everyday eventually the clown schtick will get old, so at this point with Pres. Trump its been about 2 years of day after day joking about him, I lost interest awhile ago, but it doesn’t seem to be letting up, hence my question.

    3. It would be different if we were talking about the everyday run-of-the-mill moron like bush. But this guy does not have the mental capabilities to be a dog catcher in Boise Idaho. Much less the position he’s currently holding. He cannot go 24 hours without making a fool of himself either in an interview or on Twitter. So no, the clown jokes shall not go away

    4. How long have you been waiting to type that? The almost exact wording was in a post I read earlier that originated from FOXnews. At least be original.

    1. Jim Thompson I’m 40 years old chump and Trump is the 1st President of my lifetime who loves America and has her best interests in mind! Suck on that sucker

  2. He’s not a comedian. He’s another talking head for the media posing as a so called funny man. People like him are what got Trump elected and will keep him there for another 4 years. Keep up the good work, idiot!

    1. Ooh. Good one. Maybe put a well though out sentence with some good old fashioned facts in there. This is childs play. Go back and piss in the sandbox junior.

    2. You should probably check your own before saying anything about somebody else’s comment.
      Name calling always makes you look so smart. I can’t wait to hear what you have in store for me.

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