The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads That Ever Aired…And Some That Got Banned Before You Could See Them

Watch Some Of The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads That Ever Aired
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Oh, And Some Banned Ones Too

February 4th, 2017 – Super Bowl commercials are known to be just as much a part of the conversation Monday morning as the game, the halftime show and whatever “slip” happened “unexpectedly.” We’re looking at y’all, Janet, Justin and Left Shark.

Some brands have been consistent in providing funny, creative, thoughtful or touching spots. Pepsi-Cola, Doritos and Budweiser have proven this by becoming repeat winners of the Super Bowl Ad Meter.

And while some companies who push the boundaries may not win that award, they certainly aren’t forgotten. Do a re-take on the commercials that riled people up and the ones that didn’t even make it to the airwaves.

Tim Tebow, his mom, and Focus on the Family

The 2010 commercial was a shift in policy for CBS who had previously refused to run advocacy ads. It resulted in a lot of polarizing responses after promoting a pro-life message.

Nationwide and the dead boy

After the reaction to the sobering ending of this commercial, the company chose not to air an ad the following year.

Sexual vegetables

In 2009, Peta wasn’t allowed to air this commercial, because the network said it “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.”

Why men drive Dodge Chargers

The 2010 commercial was accused of mass misogyny and received a D- from Time‘s Best/Worst List.

Jesus vs Obama

The novelty t-shirt and hat making company got denied entry to the Super Bowl in 2011 after Fox told them it was “not acceptable to air.”

Don’t Save Tibet

This 2011 spoof commercial got grilled on Twitter immediately after airing leading one user to write:  “I guess Groupon decided to do a funny commercial about Tibet, because Darfur would be in bad taste.”

What makes a Super Bowl commercial controversial? What are some of the funniest and most offensive ads you’ve seen?

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