H&M Under Fire For Using Black Child Wearing “Coolest Monkey” Hoodie

H&M Under Fire For Using Black Child Wearing "Coolest Monkey" Hoodie
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January 8th, 2018 – H&M is apologizing today after getting dragged over the coals for its use of a black child promoting a hoodie with the phrase “coolest monkey in the jungle.” The clothing retailer used the young boy’s photograph on the company’s online British store but quickly caught the attention of people across the globe.

Charles Blow, a New York Times columnist, was one of the first to challenge the ad by directly asking H&M on Twitter if they had lost their “damned minds.”

Throughout the night, neither the company or its Twitter handle had a comment on the status of their minds. The rest of Twitter, on the other hand, had plenty to say. The majority of users sharing the story were concerned by the fact that a retail giant like H&M didn’t see the problem during any moment in the decision-making process.

On the other side of the cloth, there were some people pointing out that the hoodie itself isn’t racist and that we’ve gotten “soft” as a society.

By Monday morning, the backlash had prompted H&M to issue a formal apology and remove the photograph from advertisements.

“This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended,” said H&M (HNNMY) spokeswoman Anna Eriksson.

The one-two punch of apology and removal has been a consistent trend for brands and companies  who have made marketing mistakes. Last October, Dove had to offer multiple apologies after a Facebook ad they released showed a black woman appearing to transform into a white woman after using their body wash.

Do you think H&M’s apology was sufficient? Did you find the ad offensive? Vote and comment now…

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